Woodland and lake in fall.











Welcome To Woodland Wonders, Inc.

This is a website created for people who love nature and enjoy nature photography.

The pictures produced by Woodland Wonders have all been taken in natural settings.  Photos were taken at various locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine, Tennessee, Colorado, Washington, and Alaska.

All of the animals are wild and are in their own habitat.  None are in enclosures. The only exception is the monarch chrysalis which was obtained and then photographed in its natural setting as the butterfly emerged.

My husband Jeff and I enjoy spending time together in the woods with our cameras.  We seek out elusive and hard to find animals and enjoy the challenge of getting split second opportunities to capture images of these animals in their natural settings. We cherish the peace and quiet of the woods and all the beauty it offers and we enjoy sharing our experiences in the woods with others.

Jeff is an engineer and I am a retired psychiatric nurse.  We have been working for several years to turn our photography into a business and we have now made that transition.  It is hard to teach old dogs new tricks and we have had to learn more than our brains can handle at times about computers and digital photography. This website is our combined effort of bringing you the best of our 25 years of photography.

Special thanks to our families and friends who have encouraged us to pursue our dreams.

Judy & Jeff Syring