Sentimental Images

The seaweed heart image titled “Love You” was found on a Florida beach where I was shooting close-ups of shells. The seaweed heart was photographed just as I found it. It was quite small as you can see by the bird foot prints nearby. I enlarged it and treasure it because I think it was naturally created and left as a little gift from God for everyone to enjoy.

The same is true of the starfish. When the tide went out I found it on an Alaskan beach. At first glance the starfish appeared deformed, but the real message was found in its arms which were naturally formed into a heart giving the message “I love you”. To me, it was another wonderful little gift from God left for all to enjoy and appreciate.

The “Fly Me To The Moon” image was taken on the spur of the moment as I was enjoying the full moon and noticed the plane flying into the same airspace. Another title for that same image could be “Love You To The Moon And Back”.

US1 Love You


US2 I Love You


US3 Fly Me To The Moon